Welcome to My Dynamic Academy!

My Dynamic Academy is a new way to learn, explore, and grow! We are a K12 educational resources program and private school that provides curriculum, after school programs, world languages, STEM, technology courses and more. Come and customize your child’s education with our unique and dynamic programs.

Private SchoolFlex Education

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Homeschooling vs Public Schools - The boy sits at the table and chooses between home schooling and public school - be educated by teacher vs learn and study at home with parents.

Private School

MDA’s Private School is a K12 full-time online program.

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Flex Education

Flex Ed is a Homeschool driven education program that provides student with an online curriculum at an affordable monthly rate.

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MDA provides educational extra-curriculum online after-school activities for students.

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Other Programs

These programs are for larger organizations such as schools and Daycare that cater to the education of students.

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