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Motivating Children for Success Online

It can be challenging for any teacher to keep kids motivated in the classroom. When students are learning remotely, it can be even more difficult. Teachers need to use strategies that will keep children engaged, build on their strengths, and encourage them to explore their own interests. Keep Students Interested and Focused Disinterest and apathy […]

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Finding the Best Online Education for Your Child

Online educational programs can give students access to a wide range of classes and resources, as well as opportunities to interact with instructors and students across the United States and around the world. Studying online can allow students to learn at their own pace and to focus on subjects that they find particularly interesting. With […]

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In the News: More Parents Demanding Online School Options

Education technologies have been transforming how students learn for years. In 2020, with a global pandemic and forced shutdowns across communities – many families and districts will experience what online school is all about for the first time. While there were many changes to get used to – there were also many new developments and […]

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Homeschool vs. Virtual School

People often use the terms “homeschool” and “virtual school” interchangeably. While the two styles of at-home education have some similarities, there are also important differences that you need to understand so you can decide which option would be better for your child. Who Designs the Curriculum and Teaches Kids? In a homeschool model, parents can […]

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Online Learning Wins During and After the Pandemic

The pandemic that took over the globe in 2020 forced many schools in the United States and around the world to shut down and switch to online learning. While some educational institutions and private companies had been providing online education for years, in many cases, schools and universities had to make the change with little […]

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The Importance of Online Schooling for Your Children in 2021

Even though life is beginning to return to normal in many parts of the nation, COVID-19 isn’t fully behind us yet. Young children have not yet received vaccines, and some parents are also nervous or reluctant to get their kids vaccinated. Over the past year, students across the United States have had to shift to […]