In the News: More Parents Demanding Online School Options

June 28, 2021

Education technologies have been transforming how students learn for years. In 2020, with a global pandemic and forced shutdowns across communities - many families and districts will experience what online school is all about for the first time. While there were many changes to get used to - there were also many new developments and a greater appreciation for online learning that resulted. 

Now with more vaccinations, and states reopening, some parents are demanding that online school options be offered in addition to returning back to the classroom. 

One report by The New York Times found that some students that are using digital learning in their school districts have students who are thriving in the school system after years of struggling with learning and academics. Continuing with this type of education after the Coronavirus is on the agenda for many educators and parents.

The biggest difference in remote learning that some schools did amidst the pandemic was to try and keep kids up to date with learning and those stand-alone virtual schools that are offering fully remote education. These online schools have their own teachers and curriculums designed for online school format. 

For many parents and students, the push for online and remote options comes from concerns over bullying, health issues, discrimination in their schools, and also for the convenience it can provide for families.  

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