Our Mission

What is My Dynamic Academy?

My Dynamic Academy delivers rigorous, effective, and personalized education to students based on their academic level and skill level. This personalized education not only provides content in the core, academic areas, but also provides reteaching and enrichment by using authentic, and highly engaging interesting, activities, projects. MDA’s mission is to teach the student using a holistic model so that not only do they master academic content, but more importantly, acquire life skills to ensure a successful adulthood. MDA is a resource for homeschooling parents, it is a resource for teachers, and it is an opportunity for a new level of authentic, rigorous, and high-quality, education. 

Why should students enroll?

MDA is providing a unique model that juxtaposes what is considered the educational standard of learning by becoming the new standard. A primary objective of this learning is project-based, collaborative, and engaging. We pride ourselves on personalizing the learning experience for our students. Finally, we are bridging the gaps between the student, teacher, and the parent by taking the phrase "it takes a village" to heart.

Why are our programs beneficial? What kind of outcomes can parents expect by enrolling their student?

A complete education that is not only focused on the traditional model of academia, but also a curriculum that focuses on attaining life skills! We would like to achieve what might be considered impossible by creating an all-in-one system of learning that combines a high-quality education, career based training, emotional support, and personalized learning. MDA realizes that every child’s needs are different.

Will this prepare my kids for college?

Your children will be more than prepared for life, but not just for college by enrolling in this online program. This is a life preparatory school. 

They will leave MDA with a plan for their future that they can be confident in following. They will have training for SAT, ACT, and AP courses. Bottom line: they will be able to navigate their lives as adults in the real world.

The Founder's Story: A Family of Educators

As a child of former educators from Philadelphia, I have always had a curiosity for how teachers were effective in teaching, and how students learn. However, my curiosity was halted once I went to school by my inability to understand things in the way most students have traditionally in the past. My way of thinking was different than the typical educational learning styles. 

Ultimately, being a product of the Philadelphia schools, I just became a “number”, and none of my learning needs were met--because I did not have an education that was personalized to my needs, skills, or interest. I pushed through middle school and high school. I was in sports, I took more interest in my learning, I was thrown into college, but was ill-equipped to be an adult with real-life skills. Additionally, I was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia as an adult! If I had known that I had these setbacks, I would have viewed myself differently, and thus, would have the cognition to see the way that I learned was not wrong, but rather, different--those two adjectives are different and make us see ourselves in a positive light! 

My mother was a teacher in the Philadelphia school district for 30 years and my Father was a world-traveled architectural engineer. He worked for a big name company that sent him to every continent at least once. Together my parents opened a weekend school, tutored children, and contributed to the community in a very big way. They instilled in me the desire to contribute to the community. Between my personal school experience and this desire, I saw a wanted to create change. I knew that I wanted to start a school that would help children through personalized education--that is when I began My Dynamic Academy. When I made that choice, I was already mentoring children in the Philadelphia area. On top of that, I created two non-profit organizations: KRT(King Rules Together) Cares (partnered with Curran Swint) and IYS (Ibrahim Youth Scholars) (in memory of my late father) that was created to propel children towards educational success. I worked with Girl Trek, Uniquely You Summit, Neo Deivso Foundation, and assisted a few Black Girls Rock events and more. Ultimately, I have a burning desire to change the way we learn. I was left behind as a child because of teachers, and my parents’ inability to understand the way in which I learned. I was different and needed to be taught differently than most children. I have a personal stake in creating change so that the next child with my learning issues can have faith that they will have the help they need.

I personally have been homeschooling my children for over 10 years now. I have had them in online charter schools that had over 160 children in one class. I also successfully conducted homeschooling programs with children on my own. I owned a daycare. I mentored inter-city youth and started a non-profit organization that promoted education through STEM.

We look forward to working with your students!

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