Homeschool vs. Virtual School

June 25, 2021

People often use the terms “homeschool” and “virtual school” interchangeably. While the two styles of at-home education have some similarities, there are also important differences that you need to understand so you can decide which option would be better for your child.

Who Designs the Curriculum and Teaches Kids?

In a homeschool model, parents can purchase a curriculum that they feel aligns with their child’s interests and learning style and their family’s beliefs, or they can design their own curriculum. Parents who homeschool their children serve as teachers. They may or may not have a professional background in the field of education.

With virtual school, parents and students work with an established online public or private school. Teachers guide students through the curriculum via lectures, discussions, and projects that students complete at home. Parents facilitate the process and help students stay on track, but they’re not responsible for teaching or involved in designing the curriculum.

Some parents choose to have their children educated at home so they can receive an education that aligns with the family’s religious beliefs. Homeschooling can incorporate faith-based teachings in the curriculum. Some private virtual schools include religion in their curriculum, but public online schools do not.

How Can Kids Socialize with Peers?

Children who learn at home need opportunities to interact with other kids in their age group. Families who homeschool their kids can coordinate with other families to design opportunities for students to socialize or enroll their kids in community programs. Online schools often provide structured opportunities for students to interact with others in the program and weave those opportunities into the curriculum.

How Are Students Assessed?

Some states require assessments for students who are homeschooled, but others don’t. Of the states that require students to be tested, some require minimum scores, while others do not.

Students who are enrolled in public virtual schools must take state-mandated tests. For students in private online schools, each program is free to set its own guidelines.

Is Virtual School Right for Your Child?

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