Motivating Children for Success Online

July 22, 2021

It can be challenging for any teacher to keep kids motivated in the classroom. When students are learning remotely, it can be even more difficult. Teachers need to use strategies that will keep children engaged, build on their strengths, and encourage them to explore their own interests.

Keep Students Interested and Focused

Disinterest and apathy can keep students from reaching their full potential. When kids are learning from home and are physically separated from their teachers and peers, it’s even more critical to keep them engaged.

Often, students don’t understand why they’re studying something or how it will help them later in life. Teachers should relate the coursework to children’s current lives or to goals they may hope to pursue in the future.

Educators should ask thought-provoking and open-ended questions and encourage students to participate in discussions. When children are given opportunities to share their unique perspectives and they receive positive feedback from their teachers and peers, they build confidence and self-esteem and feel an emotional connection to the material and to each other.

Give Students Some Control over What They Learn

Teachers have to follow a core curriculum, but that doesn’t mean that classes have to be limited to that material. Educators should ask students what topics they would like to delve into in more detail. Teachers may decide to cover those areas in more detail in classes and assignments, or they may encourage children to pursue those interests in the form of independent study and projects.

Let Children Work at Their Own Pace

One of the beauties of online learning is that it gives all students an opportunity to work at a pace that’s comfortable for them. Some may excel in certain subjects and may breeze through assignments, but those same students may need more time and help in other areas. Teachers should offer online office hours or consultations via video conferences, texts, or emails to help those who are struggling.

Give Students Work That Is Difficult, But Doable

Assignments should be challenging but manageable so that students stretch themselves beyond their comfort zones without feeling overwhelmed. Teachers can assign a combination of individual assignments and group projects so children can develop confidence in their own abilities and also learn from each other.

Effective Online Learning That Keeps Students Motivated

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